'When You Can Why Not?' is a collection of seventeen short stories, which talk about how many of us are ignorant about the various existing Indian Laws and Acts which are there to protect us from anyone flouting these rules. These stories are a fictional take on our daily life and each story tells us about our legal rights and the recourse we have towards domestic violence, child marriages, child labour, acid attacks, workplace harassment, maternity leave benefits, cutting trees, usage of high beams in city limits, library rights, LPG Insurance, LGBT rights, live-in relationships, polluting lakes, National Green Tribunal rules, Open Prisons and filing a complaint from home.

PROFOUND THOUGHTS explores heart touching feelings which reflect the flavors of life, the madness of love, the value of time, racial discrimination, female infanticide, domestic violence, finding beauty in the most mundane things, different emotions, nature and femininity. The book is a tapestry of feelings woven and interlaced with life lessons.


The book features 70 soul stirring poems that condemn abuse of nature, traverse different facets of our emotions, and touching on femininity, abuse and fitness. The book will leave the readers with a surreal feeling and they can relate to each of the poems in the book.

The author Kavitha Yarlagadda is an author, freelance writer and journalist, get a copy of the book Profound Thoughts here in India and here in international markets