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Technology meets tradition, Kerala's Robotic leather puppets. The sole keepers of a 300-year-old temple art form are looking for ways to save the tradition from extinction.

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The Women’s Crop: Indian Women Look to Millet as the Climate Warms


Robots helping healthcare overcome COVID-19 challenges. Robots are helping reduce workloads, and risk to patients and healthcare professionals alike.

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India’s domestic workers face tough times as home appliances and smart cleaning gadgets replace them. From robotic vacuum cleaners to dishwashers and Dysons, tech is helping a number of Indian families with chores since the pandemic began

How to Make Your Own Rose Water for Beauty, Wellness, and Relaxation. Known in Latin as Rosa damascena, the sweet aroma of roses is arguably one of the most recognizable in the world.

Recycling India’s floral waste: how flowers left as temple offerings are being made into soap, dyes and incense sticks.


How a soup made from cattle feed went from poor man's food to delicacy .


Bit of a pickle: An Andhra delicacy made with sorrel leaves, as kids, my sisters and I would sit long hours plucking the leaves from stems, our contribution to the making of gongura pachhadi


Freedom from behind bars, the rate of recidivism is very less or negligible among prisoners staying in an open prison.

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Blending Nature with Style, This is the story of a determined couple from Hyderabad who faced several odds, but are now redefining eco-living by building bamboo houses across India.

Impact of Climate Change, Is the Human Life at a risk of Destruction? Indeed, the rapidly increasing Climate change and global warming is posing a great risk to the very existence of human life.


Giving thanks to the Goddess, the festival of Bonalu in the state of Telangana is a matter of pride.

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A treatise about upma; what it is, why it is the best dish in my opinion, and the variations of the dish that exist across the length and breadth of India.

How Tapirs and Toucans Are Saving Us From Climate Change. The rapidly increasing Climate change and global warming is posing a great risk to the very existence of human life.

Spared the axe, some trees find a new home. When a 90-year-old banyan tree was saved in Arambol, Goa, the community rejoiced. Volunteers had been sweating it out on a hot day to save the tree that was nearly a century old.