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As global temperatures soar, we must act faster to tackle climate change. Efforts to develop more renewable energy and increase the adoption of electric vehicles – and move away from fossil fuels – have increased



Trafficking Victims Are Becoming Anti-Trafficking Warriors

In India and beyond, young women who were sold into sexual slavery are becoming attorneys who prosecute human traffickers and save other girls from the same fate.

India’s Transition To EVs Threatens Millions Of Auto Sector Jobs, At A Time Of Rising Nationwide Unemployment.

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India’s Home-Grown Innovations Help Farmers Adapt To Climate Change, the diverse challenges faced by the agriculture sector in India require more localised actions and adaptation, say experts

Of a bygone era at London Mithraeum. A subterranean Roman temple, where a mysterious cult worshipped, has been restored within an immersive museum along with a selection of remarkable Roman artefacts and a series of contemporary art commissions.

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Women Farmers in India Are Shifting to Natural Farming. Khambampati Rama Devi mixes cow dung, cow urine, soil, and jaggery, creating a mixture called jeevamrutam. She then sprays the brown concoction on her cotton crop.

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Hyderabad's stepwells turn into community hubs

In Hyderabad, abandoned and neglected stepwells are being restored for use as a source of water as well as cultural and social hubs for local communities

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For Andhra, Telangana Farmers Hit By Climate Change, A Helpline Works To Stop Suicides. Since its launch in 2017, a helpline run by a nonprofit in collaboration with the government has fielded over 14,000 calls from distressed farmers. Nearly 11,000 were provided assistance, their grievances related to government projects resolved.

Carbon credits and India’s carbon market. We hear a lot about Carbon Credits but often don’t know how it works. The permits that allow the owner of a factory or business to emit a specific amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases are known as carbon credits, commonly referred to as carbon offsets.

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A street lit by rotten onions? An Indian market embraces biogas. A biogas plant at a vegetable market in India’s Telangana state is showing that a little resourcefulness can go a long way in caring for the planet and its people.

COP27: global climate change progress too slow to stop disastrous temperature rise. While some countries have made aggressive climate change pledges and taken action to live up to them, others are lagging behind or even going backwards

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Faced with power shortages due to extreme weather and war, countries from Asia to Europe have taken up coal again, pushing global consumption towards a record high

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India’s landmark abortion ruling is a step forward for women’s rights. The country’s highest court has ruled that single women must have the same abortion rights as their married counterparts.

Indian doctors are weighing up the need for caesarean sections, as success in widening access and lowering maternal mortality is clashing with a push to reduce “unnecessary” procedures. 

Religious practices have preserved an estimated 100,000-150,000 sacred groves across India, ensuring they remain biodiverse habitats home to an array of endangered species.

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China’s population is shrinking while India’s is growing, but both economies face demographic woes. China is facing productivity challenges with an ageing population and shrinking workforce, while India risks missing its demographic dividend as its growing population overwhelms economic planning

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From upcycled school benches in India to plant pots in Peru, people are finding enterprising and ingenious solutions to a perennial problem

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Climate Change is a Double Blow for Disabled People, a devastating heat wave that scientists say was made more likely by climate change has baked India and Pakistan in recent months.

Why electric vehicles are set for accelerated growth this decade. Fears for the sector during the pandemic proved unfounded when global electric vehicle sales rose sharply last year, led by China.

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India’s ‘Open Prisons’ Are a Marvel of Trust-Based Incarceration. For 12 hours a day, prisoners can let themselves out to work or visit family. In virtually every case, they come back.


Clean impression: Ironers in Bengaluru ditch coal irons for LPG alternatives to beat harmful fumes.


Heatwave and coal crisis are signs India should speed up its renewable energy push


How Ukraine became the go-to location for India’s blockbuster Hindi, Telugu and Tamil films

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Community Radio to the rescue, Kumaon Vani, a local radio station, has become a powerful platform to address community and climate issues


India’s domestic workers face tough times as home appliances and smart cleaning gadgets replace them. From robotic vacuum cleaners to dishwashers and Dysons, tech is helping a number of Indian families with chores since the pandemic began

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Saving the Myristica Swamps, one of the biodiversity hotspots is under threat, but there is still hope.


Barkas, India: a slice of Yemen in Hyderabad

The town is home to millions of descendents of Yemeni migrants who moved to India in the 17th century


Goa start-up makes tiles from carbon waste, Carbon Craft Design collects carbon waste from tyre factories in a bid to make the construction industry more sustainable


How bridge can help slow down ageing in the elderly, this simple card game has some surprising benefits

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Technology meets tradition, Kerala's Robotic leather puppets. The sole keepers of a 300-year-old temple art form are looking for ways to save the tradition from extinction.


Recycling India’s floral waste: how flowers left as temple offerings are being made into soap, dyes and incense sticks.

The Women’s Crop: Indian Women Look to Millet as the Climate Warms

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A recipe for poornalu, with love from an Andhra home. The sweet-savoury snack, with an interplay of textures and flavours, is complete in itself 


A Ragi recipe to honour the International Year of Millets. The nutrient-rich, high-energy grain is used to make a variety of dishes and drinks. Here's a recipe of Karnataka's ‘ragi mudde’


Modern sari styles: casual with a chance of trainers.

From casual drapes to T-shirt cholis, the dress is seeing something of a revival among young women

Robots helping healthcare overcome COVID-19 challenges. Robots are helping reduce workloads, and risk to patients and healthcare professionals alike.


How to Make Your Own Rose Water for Beauty, Wellness, and Relaxation. Known in Latin as Rosa damascena, the sweet aroma of roses is arguably one of the most recognizable in the world.


How a soup made from cattle feed went from poor man's food to delicacy .

Bit of a pickle: An Andhra delicacy made with sorrel leaves, as kids, my sisters and I would sit long hours plucking the leaves from stems, our contribution to the making of gongura pachhadi

Freedom from behind bars, the rate of recidivism is very less or negligible among prisoners staying in an open prison.


A treatise about upma; what it is, why it is the best dish in my opinion, and the variations of the dish that exist across the length and breadth of India.

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Spared the axe, some trees find a new home. When a 90-year-old banyan tree was saved in Arambol, Goa, the community rejoiced. Volunteers had been sweating it out on a hot day to save the tree that was nearly a century old.

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Blending Nature with Style, This is the story of a determined couple from Hyderabad who faced several odds, but are now redefining eco-living by building bamboo houses across India.

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