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Welcome to my world of writing, reading has been a passion for me right from my childhood, it was only later in life that I discovered my penchant for writing, and since then I haven't stopped writing. 

After dabbling in other fields I finally found solace in writing, I find a story in every experience, every object, feelings and nature. Writing and reading are therapeutic and relax me during stressful times, my urge to write a book saw me publish my first book of poetry 'Profound Thoughts' last year, and I recently released my second book 'When You Can Why Not'. Read more about my journey to writing here.




This Facebook group is dedicated to all postings related to saving our environment, topics like climate change, water conservation, recycling, clean and smart cities, air pollution, wild life conservation, conserving our natural resources and much more about our nature are discussed here, feel free to post everything and anything about our Environment.



PROFOUND THOUGHTS explores heart touching feelings which reflect the flavors of life, the madness of love, the value of time, racial discrimination, female infanticide, domestic violence, finding beauty in the most mundane things, different emotions, nature and femininity.